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Accuracy in Settlement Administration
Central to the role of a settlement administrator is the establishment of accurate and specific record keeping for any and all inputs and outputs for a case. The process of receiving and cataloging information is in art and a science. Simpluris prides itself in the creation of multiple layers of information cataloging and categorization techniques, that it has learned along the way during the journey of becoming one of the world’s leading settlement administrators. In addition to proper record keeping, the creation of fixed parameters and ‘gate-keeper’ systems has been key to the preservation of accuracy within our data and information systems. Auditing is the core step of any accurate measure.

"Auditing is the core step of any accurate measure. "

To bring that core offerring to life, we have designed, developed, refined, and iterated on our auditing mechanisms in order to provide the level of robust error prevention that we do today.
We have anywhere from 5 to 10 different layers of safeguards, depending on the type of case and the parameters of the case. We've adopted numerous internal mantras and policies that guide our everyday efforts:
  • On time, always
  • According to court documents
  • Formatted perfectly
  • Printed pixel-perfect alignment for perfect barcode scanning
  • Finely tuned procedures for fraud prevention
  • Multiple layers of error checking
  • Data cleansing and de-duplication processes
  • Software-driven policy governance
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