The Challenge

Counsel needed a notice plan to effectively reach more than one million class members who were digitally connected and relied on a phone app to receive delivery work assignments. Counsel wanted the notice campaign to achieve a 35% or higher claims rate.

Our Solution

Because the class members all relied on a phone app, Simpluris developed a digital notice campaign that utilized email and text messages to reach class members on their primary connected device. The technology team worked with cellular carriers and email providers to prevent the campaign messages from being flagged as spam and blocked. Each email address was validated to confirm that emails were only sent to active inboxes. The marketing team drafted email subject lines and created a sender email address to maximize the email open and click-through rates.


A total of six emails & SMS notifications were sent during the notice period. The email notice campaign had a deliverable rate of 97% and the SMS notifications had a deliverable rate of 91%, which resulted in a claims rate of 44.17%. The court noted that “outreach to settlement class members regarding the settlement was extensive and robust.” On January 13, 2022, the case received final approval.


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