Legal matters that require a third-party administrator usually involve many moving parts, deadlines, and complexity that are unique to each project. For class actions settlements, there are often multiple teams working on a case simultaneously, including case managers, call center reps, disbursement, and the mail department. Being able to leverage technology so all teams are working together and entering data into a centralized system of record is critical for efficiency and accuracy, which helps reduce human errors.

The same internal systems that allow a settlement administrator to handle cases involving millions of class members can also be utilized by external parties such as attorneys, government agencies, and the court. Because our internal system already hosts all relevant case data, there is no reason why external parties can’t have access to real-time reports. This is the idea behind our LiveCase reporting technology, which provides detailed information on mailings, claims filed, checks cashed, funds remaining and other details about a case in a user-friendly dashboard interface that can be accessed from the web.

This real-time reporting provides unparalleled transparency throughout the settlement process. Instead of receiving a weekly email report or calling a case manager, attorneys can simply login and get instant access to analytics and detailed reports related to their case. This efficiency helps lawyers spend less time searching through emails for reports, and more time focused on more meaningful tasks.

When working with Simpluris, this level of transparency is available throughout the administration process. Because LiveCase is integrated with our internal system, we can provide real-time reports for all cases without needing to charge additional fees. Whether your case is big or small, it’s important to be able to get reports when you need them. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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