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The Power of Data in Settlement Administration

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The Transformative Power of Leveraged Data in Legal Tech
When you operate at the scale that Simpluris operates, there are certain benefits that are afforded to you. Data being one of them. We managed over 3 billion dollars worth of funds, across over 6,000 cases, with millions of class members. The data that we operate with is extensive, and it’s become a form of learning for our internal intelligent systems. We’re building a next-generation set of data tools and technologies, and the momentum of this extends into each case we administrate. We've seen this data being fundamental in our evolution as an organization, so much in fact, that data drives our decisions on a regular basis. We've been engaged by household name-brands to perform data scrubbing on their massive datasets, walking them through our findings in ways they've never seen before. This expert-level data management capacity is so valuable to our clients, it has become a nuance that we now characterize as a service-offering of the organization.
Katie Schmidt, Database Administrator
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At the whiteboard, designing system architectures for settlement administration
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database tools and cababilities are powerful for settlement administration and the legal tech industry
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A data-driven organization - a conversation with Simpluris CEO
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