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Denise Islas
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Employment SME
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The Challenge

Counsel needed to send notice to approximately 721,000 individuals for a class action settlement involving misclassified couriers. The settlement provided 60 days for individuals to file a claim.

Our Solution

The Simpluris data team verified the class members’ email addresses and used NCOA and skip tracing to verify the physical addresses provided by the defendant. This ensured that the most current and accurate data was used to reach the class.

The notice and claim form were emailed to all class members using email deliverability best practices. Class members whose email addresses initially came back as invalid were mailed a copy of the notice and claim form. Subsequent email reminders were sent to class members based on pre-defined parameters such as an incomplete web claim or unopened email. Throughout the response period, Simpluris sent 8 reminder notifications via email totaling over 3.58 million emails, and 3 reminder notifications via physical mail totaling over 26,000 postcards.

The Simpluris web team also created a dynamic website that allowed class members to directly submit their claim forms and provided case information, FAQs, key milestones, and contact information for inquiries about the settlement. Class members were able to select their preferred payment method of either a physical check or a digital payment via Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal.


More than 99% of the class was successfully noticed with only 25 unreachable class members. Through these efforts, the settlement website obtained more than 2.9 million views. A total of 88,000 physical checks were mailed to class members and approximately 96,000 class members received a digital payment. The notice effort exceeded the court-mandated threshold by 2% with a claims rate of 27%. On July 22, 2022, the court granted final approval to the class action settlement.


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